An oriental but refined decoration

You have chosen to celebrate your union in Marrakech, city of 1001 nights and oriental magic. This article will help you to compose with different elements allowing you to realize a refined decoration but with an oriental touch, which will know how to make your host country honored.

The decoration of the tables

A chic and elegant table for a pleasant dinner is essential for the general decoration of your wedding evening. With the use of certain accessories, you will be able to give your dinner a touch of the Orient while remaining in the sophistication and refinement of the most beautiful Western tables.

Fire lighting

Candles in all their forms … What better to give an oriental note in refinement? Lanterns, torches, floating trays, walls of candles, walls of lanterns, candleholders… Everything is there to transport your guests to a magical world shining with a thousand lights.

The animations

A fire juggler, oriental dancers, traditional folklore or an entry in a palanquin, you will be able to draw from a multitude of proposals to choose the animations necessary for your event. Whether visual or musical, the animations are essential to your evening and will be able to give the rhythm and mark the key moments.

Moroccan outfits

The caftan, this well-known jewel combining orient and elegance. You will be able to dazzle and surprise your guests by opting for one or more oriental outfits to share with them the jewels of Morocco.

You can also ask your guests to play the game, during your evening before for example, and to dress in oriental outfits for a total insertion in the oriental world of the ochre city.

The place of reception

The location you choose for your event can also influence the atmosphere and whether or not to accentuate the oriental side. You will be able to visit oriental palaces, riads, guest houses or even more modern hotels, so that you can decide and choose the place that most resembles you and that is closest to your vision of your big day.