Choosing Your Impressions

Prints are an important part of your wedding decoration. They play an important role because they are more often highlighted than you might think.

First of all, invitations are received and elicit first reactions.

Then come all the supports that your guests will find throughout your wedding: the table plan at the cocktail party, the menus and the names of the tables once seated at the table… You must therefore think carefully about the importance of this detail.


They often set the tone for the atmosphere, the mood and the image you have of your future wedding. You should therefore think about the colors, spirit and style you want to see on the day. Invitations are a first step towards your guests, to prepare this magnificent event.

The menu

A table menu is as essential as it is useful. It will allow your guests to anticipate the meal according to their tastes, preferences or dietary restrictions.

You can opt for individual menus or a few menus per table. In both cases, a harmony will be created between the table decoration, the dressing as well as the colours and design of the menus.

The table plan

Depending on the medium you choose, you can thus create the prints you need for your table plan. Small individual cardboard boxes, lists of tables presenting the guests concerned, vinyl printing on mirrors or even small personalized souvenir gifts.

Table names

Once your guests know which table is assigned to them, they can get to it by searching for the table name. This name should be visible but also in harmony with the table, the color tones or the flowers.

The choice of table names can be very personal (cities visited by the bride and groom, favorites songs of the bride and groom…) or more classical (cities of Morocco, monuments of Marrakech, oriental scents…).