Ideas for decorating the ceremonial arch:

No matter the year, season or trend, the ceremonial arch decoration will always remain an important aspect of a successful wedding decoration!

Not sure which design is right for your wedding? We have prepared for you our selection of favorite wedding arches decoration ideas in rustic, bohemian and romantic looks to show your florist to help you create a unique piece that suits you perfectly.

The rustic style:

To be completely in the rustic theme, opt for a wooden arch with a burlap canvas. You can also add some decorative details: garlands, hanging flowers…

Bohemian chic style:

Today bohemian chic has become a concept, it’s a very fashionable trend for weddings. For a beautiful ceremony with a bohemian spirit, opt for a natural wooden arch decorated with dream catchers and colorful floating ribbons or rather a country floral decoration combining simplicity and naturalness.

The romantic style:

For a beautiful romantic wedding ceremony, we propose an arch decorated with seasonal flowers, veils, fabrics or ribbons. You can also add candles and lanterns for a touch of sparkle and ambiance.