How to choose your wedding ring

Comment choisir son alliance de mariage

As this is the happiest day of your life, the wedding ring exchange ceremony should be the most representative moment of your union.

There are no universal or pre-established rules, the only watchword is to reflect as much as possible the expression of your feelings towards your half, to show your common experience, your respective qualities and also the obstacles you may have overcome together.

First step: Choose the alliance that suits you best

There are a multitude of choices for wedding rings, from pink white gold to yellow gold this choice can quickly become cornelian. Usually, the choice of the future couple turns to classic yellow or white gold.

In 2018, the trend is rather vintage and remains in simplicity. Pink gold has become this year’s must-have for its delicate side and is suitable for all skin colors.

Step Two: Convince your fiancé that you are making the right choice

Convincing one half that the chosen alliances are the best choice remains the hardest part!

You are a person who likes simplicity with a gold ring or a person who prefers brighter things like a river of diamonds, a solitaire or even another precious stone.

There’s something for everyone, it’s all about finding what you and your fiancé like because you’ll have it in your hand throughout your life together!  The important point to keep in mind is that your wedding ring must remain “practical” and be adapted to your lifestyle.

Third step: Choose the same type of wedding ring?

Here too, there are no set rules. Some couples choose the same type of wedding ring, which represents for them the strength of their union. But here again, don’t panic! Choosing wedding rings in different metals is not a fashion faux pas at all!

There is also the option to engrave your name, date of meeting, engagement and wedding as a symbol of your union.