What budget for a wedding in Marrakech

He proposed to you and you decided to get married in Marrakech. Either because you have ties to Morocco or because you want to make your guests live a unique and original experience.

Now you will have to think about the organization of your wedding, contact the caterer, the Wedding planner, think about the theme and the decoration…

Marriages are all as different as each other. The budget allocated to your wedding evening depends on several factors: choice of dinner, choice of decoration, number of guests, reception venues, length of the wedding party.

Here we will give you a few key points on the most important items for the organization of a wedding reception in Marrakech.

The Wedding planner:

You are not on site and you need someone to organize your wedding in Marrakech so you need to contact a wedding planner.

The wedding planner is there for that. To find beautiful houses for your wedding, to advise you in terms of decoration, to propose your adequate animation…. The wedding planner takes care of everything.

One to two trips minimum are to be planned for the meeting of the wedding planner, the latter will organize for you visits of the places, tastings with the caterers and a meeting with the various service providers.

The place of the wedding in Marrakech:

The place of the reception is the starting point of the whole wedding organization. The price will depend on the size of the place, its proximity to the city and the setting.

From the house with garden and swimming pool to large palaces, for a wedding in Marrakech, this city abounds in places each more surprising and sumptuous than the other.

But don’t forget that the bigger the place is, the more it will require a large budget in terms of decoration, lighting and sound system.

The key is to choose a venue that fits your theme and the atmosphere of your wedding.

The caterer:

One of the most important items in the wedding budget. It will depend on: the number of courses, sit-down dinner or buffet…

The number of guests is a significant factor that influences the caterer’s budget. Indeed, the more guests there are, the more the budget for this item can increase.

For a wedding in Marrakech, the dishes you can offer your guests are different and the choice is wide.

You can offer your guests a new culinary experience by proposing typical Moroccan dishes that may be unknown to them in order to make their taste buds travel. It is important to know that for a Moroccan caterer, the art of the table is generally included in the price, which makes it a good compromise and a good choice in terms of value for money.

The decoration:

For wedding decoration in Marrakech, the oriental side of most places blends very well with any type of decoration. This mix will transport your guests in a thousand- and one-nights chic, bohemian, vintage, romantic atmosphere…

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the cost of decoration also depends on the size of the venue.

On the side of the floral decoration, the final note results from the choice of the flowers you want, the quantity and if the flowers are existing in Morocco or that it will be necessary to import them.

Flowered arch or with veil, centerpiece with flowers or greasy plants, dried flowers or roses there are many factors that influence the price of the floral decoration.

The animations:

This point is very important because it is the one that will set the tone for your wedding.

From cocktails to dancing, you can involve a few artists to brighten up your evening and amaze your guests.

Musical entertainment is the essential point of your wedding reception. You will have to choose a DJ who is close to your musical tastes. The price of the latter will depend on the notoriety of the DJ and the time he will spend with you during the reception evening.

The live band is more expensive than a DJ because there are several musicians, a stage to set up and a special sound system.

You can also organize a lantern drop, call on fire-eaters or oriental dancers, organize yourself and your bridesmaids to do a choreography.

So many possibilities for animations, the trick is to choose according to your budget and what suits you best.