Wedding Trends 2018

It is no longer worth spending your savings on a mountain of champagne or an extravagant dress, this year is the return of simplicity in terms of clothing, make-up or decoration. Because above all, the most important thing is to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Here are our 5 favorite trends for the year 2018:

The country style or “woody chic”:   

This year, don’t hesitate to be inspired by Mother Nature. Celebrate your union in the forest, in a large garden or in the mountains and make your guests happy campers by opting for a woodland wedding. On the decoration side, the marriage of wood, cork, jute and kraft is in the spotlight, we love to attach them to towels for a minimalist but perfectly enchanting effect.

The Bohemian Chic style :

It’s a very popular theme these days. The Boho Chic is simply beautiful for a romantic and vintage wedding. It is the decoration that will make all the difference: Choose authentic objects, furniture with an aged look, crystal chandeliers, pastel colors… To celebrate, celebrate your wedding in exceptional places such as an old manor house or a farmhouse with flowered fields for a romantic and cosy atmosphere.


Ultraviolet was chosen as the color of the year 2018 by Pantone. So, get ready to see it everywhere. To balance out the shades of color, remember to add a few notes of purple to the flowers, both in the decoration and in the groom’s bouquet.

The Naked Cake :

We’ve seen the naked cakes everywhere already, and nobody wants to change them! So, if you want to make your guests drool, make your wedding cake a masterpiece.

Simple dresses with a bohemian touch:

On the style side, this year comfort is the key. The dresses are simple but elegant with a bohemian touch. If white is not your color, it’s time to try a powder pink or champagne dress. This is your day, do it your way!