Choosing Your Centerpiece

In this new article, we are going to present you different possibilities of an essential element of your wedding decoration: the centerpiece. Whether it is flowery or not, whether it is discreet or imposing, this element is often subject to discussion and debate.

We will therefore present below a selection of photos of our favorites centerpieces in very different styles.

The flowered centerpiece, in height

This centerpiece can be declined in several versions. You will have the possibility to choose your vase or base but also to choose the type of floral arrangement you want: round, drooping, one or more colors, country or classic… Nevertheless, this choice remains a sure value.

The floral centerpiece, in length

If you opt for a long table, you can choose to compose your centerpiece lengthwise so that all the guests at that table can enjoy it.

It can be a long way made of a single piece or it can be composed of several flower pots or vases and sometimes accompanied by some accessories.

The floral centerpiece in several vases and oriental accessories

You can’t make up your mind? Flowers or accessories? Why not both? Indeed, you can decorate your table with a mix of flowers and accessories. This perfect mix will allow you to have an original centerpiece while keeping a note of freshness with the flowers and why not an oriental touch with accessories chosen piece by piece.

The 1001 Nights centerpiece

Candleholders, candles, lanterns or candleholders, forget about flowers and concentrate on a warm and oriental atmosphere. This will suit you perfectly if you wish to give the tables of your dinner, a hushed and intimate atmosphere, going out of the classic and already seen codes.