Escape and pleasure on a small budget in Morocco

Reinforce your union in the cocoon of sweetness that is Morocco.

Everybody wants the honeymoon to be perfect, but nobody wants to leave their entire fortune behind. A paradisiac destination par excellence, Morocco offers itself to the newlyweds in all its splendour. The legendary palaces, lush oases and lively souks are an ideal change of scenery for those with a thirst for something new.


Romance, luxury and nature for your sole pleasure in Morocco.

The Moroccan desert is ideal for couples who take advantage of their honeymoon to be alone. Enjoy together the twinkling stars after admiring an incomparable sunset. Snuggle up against each other in a silence only disturbed by the murmurs of nature.

Luxury and diversity will be the order of the day in Marrakech in the heart of the famous city, lead a life of luxury in a converted palace or relax in an eco-Lodge.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy their stay in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Explore the various hiking trails hand in hand before letting yourself be pampered by the Berber people.

Finally, in Agadir or Tangier, succumb to the ever-renewed charm of idleness. The luxurious villas are adorned with original swimming pools overlooking a breathtaking view.

Organization and practical advice for your honeymoon in Morocco

Remoteness can be scary to the organization. The most cautious choose the honeymoon trip à la carte and leave it entirely to the agencies. It is best to contact an agency on the spot, or professionals specialized in this destination.

Organizing your honeymoon, yourself is both complicated and exciting. You will be able to choose exactly what you want to do, where you want to stay, and so on. The trap is to miss essential things. Indeed, as a foreigner you will be confined to tourist clichés. Nevertheless, for a honeymoon, the most important thing is to be together, isn’t it?

The means of transport are varied. Buses are numerous, as well as taxis. Private cars remain the best option to avoid public transport. Be sure to ask about prices before renting. If necessary, please contact the hotel reception.


Marrakech, the star of romantic destinations, for a memorable trip

Marrakech is the tourist city of Morocco. Accommodation varies from Riads to palaces. The activities are numerous. In fact, it is the very geography of Marrakech that makes it so exceptional. The ochre city is bordered by the Sahara Desert, the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas mountain range. The possibilities are therefore numerous. Ride a camel together to admire the sand dunes. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and swim in the ocean. All water sports are feasible. Or regenerate yourself with hikes in the heart of the green Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The country of your dreams is only 3 hours away by plane. The locals love to entertain. They have the art of it. Besides, Marrakech is beautiful all year round. In winter, temperatures drop to 18°. The place is perfect for a quick romantic getaway, while waiting for the real honeymoon. For an exotic and unique honeymoon, choose Marrakech and its thousand splendors.