How to organize your wedding?

Have you decided to take the plunge? Are you going to get married and say yes for life? Congratulations !

Once the excitement of this big decision has passed, the first questions about preparing for your wedding will overwhelm you.

During the months of preparation you will live marriage, think marriage, dream marriage… But don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal! Planning the most beautiful and important day of your life can be a stressful experience, and like all brides-to-be, you want everything to be perfect! In this article we present you with 5 essential steps to organize your wedding like a pro and without forgetting anything!


First step: Define the number of guests:

Before you start your wedding preparations it already makes you think about the guests. This is an essential step because it will allow you to establish a second step: your budget. But don’t worry, it’s not a question of making a precise list of each of your guests, but rather of defining an overall number of guests. Once you have an idea of who you want to invite to your wedding, whether it is close or distant family, friends, friends of your parents… You should have a good estimate of the number of guests that your wedding will have.


Step two: Establish a budget:

There’s no point in going into wedding planning without a clear budget, it’s just essential! Because if you don’t do it and go in blind, you risk having very unpleasant surprises.

Agree as a couple on the budget you wish to give to your wedding project and list all the expenses to be planned and allocate them a cost that should not be exceeded.


Third step: Choose a theme:

This step will save you a lot of time in your preparations, once this step is over, all your choices will come from there: your dress, the darling’s costume, your reception place, the decoration, the animation… Your wedding will have a real unity and will be all the more beautiful.


Fourth step: Define the date of your wedding day:

It is finally a question of defining the date of the D-day and to check well if this date is available at your town hall or at the church for those who wish a religious wedding. You will also have to check the times proposed to you and see if this is compatible with your wishes.


Fifth step: Choose the place of reception:

You have defined the number of guests, your budget, your theme and set your wedding date. You can now start looking for your venue.

It is important to take into consideration that some venues are in high demand especially in high season, so start the search for your venue very early (on average 12 months before the wedding).  The longer you wait, the less choice you will have!

Your choice of room will depend on the number of guests you plan to have, the budget you give to this position and the theme of your wedding.

That’s it! You’ve just passed the first 5 essential steps to organize your wedding successfully! You are now ready to start preparing your wedding!