5 ideas of themes for your wedding

This article proposes some inspiring themes for your wedding. This is to help you to direct your ideas, to know what you like and what you don’t like so that you can better get started in the preparations of this unique day.

Secret Garden

A discreet garden amidst century-old palm and olive trees… This can be the perfect setting for your wedding day which will focus on nature and the beauty of the environment. Dozens of places in Marrakech offer you the magic of their enchanting gardens that will give extra stars to your unique day.

Bohemian Rapsody

Bohemian or country… These words are surely the most present in the wedding trends of the last few years. A theme or even a bohemian atmosphere that draws on our natural resources, that honors raw materials or sometimes noble materials but in all simplicity.

1001 Nights

Find the magic of the orient in your wedding through so many things: candles, lanterns, oriental dancers, oud player, folklore or a recreated little souk. All these elements will transport your guests into ancient tales and will mark their memories forever.

In the Desert

This trend now has a real place in the wedding scene in Marrakech. The desert is therefore today a popular and much sought-after place for a celebration. Indeed, there is nothing like being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dunes and plains, and sharing this timeless moment with your closest ones.

Flower Power

The power of flowers: what could be more beautiful to perfect your decoration. The beauty and purity of local flowers will delight you and give you a wide choice to enjoy unique floral arrangements that suit you. From pastel or white shades, to warm and oriental colors, dig into this nature that will be devoted to you!